Shady Poker Sites

Absolute Poker/Ultimate Bet

It used to be considered a poker myth that some players could see other players’ hold cards at the table. Nobody within the poker community would take claims of cheating seriously, but in the end it was the community that was responsible for exposing the scandal at UB/AP.

It’s really a story that could fill an entire website, but here is the watered down version of what happened.

A player was seen winning a lot of money and playing very suspiciously. This prompted people from the poker community to start examining his hand histories, some of which were mistakenly handed over by a lower-level employee at the poker site.

More Poker Tips For Beginners

Envision the possible outcomes of a hand before you make decisions

This is especially true when you see the turn card. There is usually less than 10 possible paths from the turn to the end of a hand. If you can divide your opponents range of possible cards into a few different categories, you will know which paths through the rest of the hand are most likely. If you know what is going to happen, you can often stop yourself from going down a losing path.

Good Poker Tips For Beginners

Choose a Game to Specialize In

Don’t be afraid to experiment. You want to make sure you are playing your best game, but once you figure out which game you should be playing you should spend the majority of your time trying to master that game. This poker tip will help you increase both your win rate and your consistency at the table.

It will eventually become important to diversify and learn some of the other games because there are some great concepts you can learn from. However, this should come later in poker after you have learned to beat one of the games consistently.

Track Your Performance

Even just some minimal record keeping can help you figure out what you need to work on in order to improve your results. There are numerous poker tracking software programs available online.

The Good Poker Games

You can find good poker games at all of the sites listed here on my site. If you are looking for good poker tournaments, I would suggest going to The Pokerstars Site first because this is the largest tournament poker site online.

If you are looking for good cash games Then Carbon Poker is the best site for you most likely. However, it only takes a few players to have a good cash game so you can find great cash games at Aced Poker, RPM, Cake Poker, and all of the other sits listed here.

Good Poker Sites

If you are looking for the good poker sites you have come to the right place. I have played more than 1 million hands of online poker and now I have taken the time to list all of the good poker sites that I have found. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have a question about one of these poker sites, or if you just want some more general advice about where you should be playing poker online.

You will be able to find reviews for these good poker sites and more. You can check out the top US poker sites here or view some of the most popular non-US poker sites such as Poker Stars.