Good Poker Tips For Beginners

Choose a Game to Specialize In

Don’t be afraid to experiment. You want to make sure you are playing your best game, but once you figure out which game you should be playing you should spend the majority of your time trying to master that game. This poker tip will help you increase both your win rate and your consistency at the table.

It will eventually become important to diversify and learn some of the other games because there are some great concepts you can learn from. However, this should come later in poker after you have learned to beat one of the games consistently.

Track Your Performance

Even just some minimal record keeping can help you figure out what you need to work on in order to improve your results. There are numerous poker tracking software programs available online.

Find the Fish

The majority of your profits at these stakes will come from weaker opponents who don’t play as well as you. You don’t need to out-smart them in order to win their money, you just have to survive long enough for them to give it to you. Don’t be afraid to switch tables.

Start Differentiating Between Your Opponents

One of the first steps to beating poker at this level is learning to tailor your game to your opponents. This means treating certain situations differently according to your opponents. In its simplest form, this means pushing around tight players, and giving loose players room to make mistakes. This is a good poker tip for beginners and it can really help you beat the lower stakes poker games.

Visit The Large Poker Forums

This is a good place to see what sorts of strategies other players are using who have beaten the low stakes. You don’t have to frequent the forums, but it’s a great idea to take some time to read through some of the threads. You’ll find some great poker tips there and you can also see what some of your opponents are up to.

Watch Televised Poker

Not because it will teach you great poker, but because many of your opponents are watching and trying to imitate. This is where a lot of people get the inspiration to play online poker so you will come across a lot of WPT viewers at the lower stakes.

Don’t Multi-Table Until You Are Ready

If you haven’t figured out how to beat the low stakes games consistently, you really need to be applying some thought when you analyze each hand at the table. Multi-tabling is something you should do once you figure out how to play profitably. This will usually increase your profits to some extent. If you are a losing player, you will just wind up losing even faster.

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