Shady Poker Sites

Absolute Poker/Ultimate Bet

It used to be considered a poker myth that some players could see other players’ hold cards at the table. Nobody within the poker community would take claims of cheating seriously, but in the end it was the community that was responsible for exposing the scandal at UB/AP.

It’s really a story that could fill an entire website, but here is the watered down version of what happened.

A player was seen winning a lot of money and playing very suspiciously. This prompted people from the poker community to start examining his hand histories, some of which were mistakenly handed over by a lower-level employee at the poker site.

By looking at IP addresses, server logs, hand histories and something like 60,000 lines of code, the players were able to figure out that there was in fact a player who could see the other hole cards at the table. It was also pretty obvious that it was an employee who had gotten their hands onto a “Super User” account that was used to check the software when the poker site first opened.

It was also apparent that this involved the upper level management and ownership of the poker site. There have been more incidents since all of this happened. Here we are several cover-ups later… and the site has done nothing to show themselves worthy of a good reputation.

This is a new poker site that opened on the late in 2008. They have a pretty shady ownership structure with numerous issues. This is sort of one of those cases where the true ownership is cloaked by different corporations and websites.

Their issues started with them simply not making rakeback payments to their players. Eventually it was revealed that the site was owned (I think) by Effective Media, which also owns and operates several casino affiliate communities.

You should avoid these types of rooms in general. It’s not uncommon to hear about an operation like this that gets set up for a few months and they wind up runninf off with players’ money.

What poker sites do I play on?

I play at all 4 of the poker sites that you will find listed on this site; Pokerstars, Bovada Poker, Cake Poker and 5Dimes Poker. That’s precisely why I don’t mind plugging all of those sites here. I’ve played internet poker for more than 4 years making my living and these are the best sites that I have played at.

In total, I’ve had accounts at about 20 different poker sites. Some poker sites I only played a few hands on because they were so bad. Others turned out to be shady like Cardspike, so I am pretty careful about where I keep my money these days.


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